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About us

Warehouster is an India-focused warehouse developer and asset manager headquartered in Mumbai. The firm is focused on investing, developing and managing Industrial & Warehousing assets on a pan-India basis. The company is coming from a pedigree wherein it has delivered some marquee warehousing assets in the past and is now poised to exploit its experience in giving a new direction to the vertical in particular and to the industry at large. Warehouster has been envisioned to serve with a purpose and to deliver with a missionary zeal. We are here to serve our clients across the sectors viz. Manufacturing, E-commerce, FMCG & Retail. We intend to go full-scale with warehousing assets already under execution in NCR, Bangalore, Hyderabad, & Hosur. We have most of our basis covered and things are only looking ahead for us. We accept it as a responsibility and are duty bound for the timely and quality delivery of the same. With our three-pronged strength in Asset Management, Development Execution & Investment Deployment, we intend to take in our stride the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead of us.

Our focus is to add value to shareholders in a way that maximizes the returns on the deployed capital. We have a track record of ensuring good returns to stakeholders while building a portfolio of marquee projects across the locations. While executing the real estate development, investment, capital and property management, we have been able to generate consistently good returns to our stakeholders.

Warehouster aims to achieve and sustain market leadership and exceed customer expectation in the area of alternative asset investment, through its vision of being a RELIABLE partner to its customers, business associates, and employees.


Dear Friends,

I take this time out to introduce Warehouster to all of you there. Warehouster is a developer and asset manager in the sunrise sector of organized warehousing, primarily, in India. Having had the extensive experience in executing the marquee warehousing transactions, I thought the time was ripe to exploit the exposure towards something with a scale and with a vision. With a successful and incredible track record in fund-raising and superior exit returns to the investors, opportunities were there to go full throttle. I have managed private REITs in the past and that was one incomparable and valuable stint that paved the way for my journey towards something more valuable, more challenging and more fulfilling. Warehouster is founded on three basic tenets: Globally Compliant Development, Quality Tenancy, and Profitable Exits to the stakeholders. The kind of trust our investors have bestowed upon this upcoming and growing entity speaks for itself. We have already acquired properties that will keep us focused on the task at hand in the medium to long term. We have built a solid portfolio of covetous warehousing assets across the length and breadth of India, wherein we are in the process of deploying the fund already raised. But the buck doesn’t stop there; we are ambitious enough to take this entity among the top three in the next couple of years. We have a versatile and experienced team on board that is already on course for scale and scale with quality and vision. With commitment, with vision, with the hours we put in; we are here to serve this growing demand in the organized warehousing. Fingers are crossed and the game is on.

Warm regards,

Sandeep Chadha

Founder & CEO


To be a consistent and preferable player in warehousing fund management and development. To follow the highest corporate governance standards and always deliver superior returns to our various stakeholders.


To always enhance our deliverable capabilities while following the best practices around. We intend to add value one step at a time and create long term values.

Founder & CEO


A Warehousing veteran since 2008. Successfully developed approx. 15 million sqft for Milestone, Indospace & All Cargo.

Capital Markets Champion

Raised capital for a Private REIT (Milestone Commercial Advantage Fund) with a corpus of INR 7B.

C-Suite Strategist

Consistently managed large portfolios of commercial & industrial assets, led investments in warehousing and logistics and set in motion new business initiatives.

Team Builder

A thorough team player having consistently led a team of professionals over the years for managing >254Million sqft of commercial real estate on a Pan-India basis. Assets includes in Warehousing, Office, Retail & IT/ITes Parks.

Investments Honcho

Led 4 Private REITs in India, totaling an AUM of $ 800 million across various assets including Commercial, Retail & Industrial. Managed 13 big-ticket investments across India and provided complete exits.


A real estate investments veteran with foresight and ingenuity, Sandeep Chadha has an impressive track record of 20 years of surpassing ambitious business goals. Over the years he has regularly delivered revolutionary fundraising, big-ticket investments, asset management, and divestments. He has an incredible legacy in positioning organizations for success by developing groundbreaking, scalable, and highly reliable business processes. With advanced expertise in establishing credibility at all levels, Sandeep is always ready to hit the ground running and deliver results in a timely manner. Being a C-suite pro, he has a strong academic pedigree. He has been an Advisory Board Scholar from Cornell University(IVY League).

Sandeep today, stands at the forefront of driving profitable growth in real estate investments. He has spent past 10+ years managing large real estate portfolios, mainly industrial & warehousing. Be it sourcing or closing marquee investment deals or creating long-term value for organizations, Sandeep ensures overall enterprise and stakeholders’ growth. As an industry stalwart, he has steered multi-million dollar portfolio, envisioned the project trajectory, augmented revenue streams and led various teams over the years to success.

Currently, Sandeep Chadha is helming Warehouster Capital Advisors as its CEO which he founded with a long term vision to develop and manage assets in organized Grade-A warehousing. Warehouster is targeting investment in BTS, warehousing and logistics parks across India and aims at delivering approx. 15 million sqft over the next 3 years. He is successfully steering the company’s strategic initiatives, enhancing the range of offerings, and setting a superior bar for services being offered. He has the expertise in managing private REITs with over a decade of experience in delivering greater returns.

With thorough industry know-how, Sandeep has championed all aspects of a private REIT focused on investments in commercial assets. Be it strategic liaisons or driving enterprise growth, Sandeep nails business challenges and provides prudent guidance right from conceptualization to implementation.

In his last assignment, he spearheaded the development of 7 million sq.ft of Grade-A warehousing for All Cargo Logistics where he created AUM for approx. $ 270 million. He has handled development and asset management of approx. 15 million square feet of logistics & Industrial parks and governed the big ticket warehousing and industrial portfolio.


Our previous track record in managing warehousing assets and our current pipeline itself testify our credentials as a serious end to end warehouse developers and managers. With a legacy of having delivered 7 million square feet of warehouse assets in the past and over 7 million square feet under development, we are here for the long term. Our goal is to develop a portfolio of 15 million sqft over a period of 3 years.

A company is as good as the synergy within its team. We are proud to say that our agile, focused and relentless team is working round the clock towards our vision to be among the top three players in the next three years. Every incumbent is driven and committed towards the team ethos and that makes it a winning combination.

Quality is our benchmark number one. With a process driven approach, we adhere to the global standards. Our focus on the quality delivery and management sets us apart.

With the vision of our founders, with a very capable and prompt execution team and with a supportive and large client base, we are well poised to make a difference in Indian Warehousing industry.


  • An end to end player in Indian Warehousing Realm.
  • Strong core capability in delivering need based warehousing.
  • Diversified and panoramic pipeline underway.
  • Client base spawning across the sectors.
  • Consistent track record driving the demand.
  • Present right where the demand lies and needs meet.

Our Projects

Imminent Clients


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